Qwords.com on CompFest7 2015, Don’t Miss It!

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In its seven edition, CompFest wants to impress the IT community. The main focus of this year is to increase the awareness of the Indonesian public about IT and how it has been growing and changing over the last few years.

For the IT developers, that’s an unmissable opportunity. On October 3 and 4, CompFest7 is the place to find out what is new in the IT scene in an exciting environment, full of people willing to discuss ways to improve their business, be more sustainable and cause more impact.   

Qwords.com web hosting Indonesia couldn’t miss it. In our booth, at the playground area, you can play games with us, earn points and change them with Qwords’s merchandise. Also we will be there to explain you why it’s so important hosting your website and have your own domain with us. You will see by yourself that we have the product that fits in your needs also you can find out our promo.


Furthermore, a competition was proposed by CompFest7 to indie games developers, app developers and everyone else who has the ability to solve programming problems and wants to seek creatives and smarts solutions. The winners of this challenge will be presented on this weekend. Therefore, CompFest7 is a must go for those who love to discover new games, apps and startups business.  

The public are also welcome to join the workshops and watch high qualities seminars, such as “Game Development as A Lucrative Business” with Gustavo Matsumoto Rosendo dos Santos, the programmer trainer at Gameloft Yogyakarta. All of it free of charges.  

You can find out more about CompFest7 at compfest.web.id. Don’t miss it guys!


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